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It all starts with RAYFace!

It is one of the fastest and most user-friendly facial scanners on the market today, engineered specifically for the dental industry now and for the future. Its revolutionized virtual patient technology and modern design will transform the way you practice dentistry, providing your patients with a personalized and high-tech dental experience. 

Featured Product

Effortless experience you deserve!

Superlative in every respect, the RAYiOS 2 is the best value in its class with top-of-the-line technology. It combines impressive precision scan, ergonomic conscience design, and an effortless user experience. For even greater results, pair the RAYiOS with the RAYFace facial scanner for face-driven dental treatment.

Featured Product

No limit in full digital analysis!

A single scan is enough to obtain all the clinical views required for formulating well-informed diagnoses and developing confident treatment plans from start to finish. RAYPreMiere is the outcome of our challenges for decades. It is created with the power to scan and manage all patient information for diagnostics and treatments in dental clinics for the upcoming digital dentistry.

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A true game changer for dental offices!

A new generation of dental prosthetic machines, RAYMill C, revolutionizes the industry. With RAYMill C, you can experience rapid and precise production of ceramic blocks on the body side, creating dental prosthetics such as crowns, bridges, and veneers like never before.

Featured Product

The new chapter of digital impression scanner

Designed for dentists who want their digital workflows to be as precise and efficient as possible. At Ray, we understand the importance of innovation in the world of dentistry, and that's why we're thrilled to unveil this revolutionary new product.


What Dentists Say?

RAYFace is a unique, 3D facial scanner that sets out to completely change the way clinicians think about patient experience in the process. It is the first 3D facial scanner to accurately capture patients’ dentition data and superimpose it with iOS data with only a single click of the mouse.

Dentistry Today 

I really like this device and can (and have) confidently recommend it to my dental colleagues globally. The RAYFace is easily one of my favorite face scanners I have used. It is fast, efficient, and is completely fit for purpose.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny
IDD - Institute of Digital Dentistry

What is the end goal of implant treatment? It is probably facial-driven after going through surgical-driven and prosthetic-driven. Information sharing among the three parties (patient, doctor, and technician) is an important means of improving the quality of treatment results. I am confident that only RAYFace can easily move through the steps and provide a sense of satisfaction for the patient.

Dr. Inseong Jeon
AIC Director, Director of Seoul H Dental Clinic, Visiting professor at Harvard University

What RAYFace is isn't just a scanning technology, it's a digital platform, and that's what makes it unique. An open-source platform where you can import any iOS scan any CBCT and immediately merge those with incredible technology on the software share that your lab design software and all open source.

Dr. Miguel Stanley

When I saw RAYFace, this is it. It had everything I need. It's easy, and it's user-friendly; It's contained together all the pieces that I need to get to the laboratory. I can learn it fast, I can teach it fast, and it's actually accurate of the incisal edge, so to me, this was the right choice for us.

Dr. Dean Vafiadis
DDS, Aesthetic and Implant Dentist at New York Smile Institute

RAYiOS 2 provides slim design and light weight. From hardware to software, RAYiOS provides scalable ease of use. Seeking to provide precise outcome to benefit clinical results.

Dr. Jeon Jae Ho
Barun Lee Dental Clinic